I believe that, as a church, where we came from truly matters to where we are going. Based on that conviction, this book explores questions about church and ministry today from the lens of the earliest NT church communities. Includes discussion questions and suggestions for application. Available here from Fortress Press.

“The Ending of Luke Revisited.” Journal of Biblical Literature 140.2 (2021): 325–46. A revisiting of the concerns and considerations to hearing and reading the ending to Luke’s Gospel. Available for download with a subscription to SBL here.

“Prayer and Ethics in Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount.” Word & World 40.3 (Summer 2020): 227–35. A discussion of how prayer and ethics undergird the very structure of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s Gospel. Available for reading and downloading here.

“Collaborative Wikis as Final Exams.” Wabash Center Journal on Teaching 2.2 (May 2021): 49–64. A discussion of my investigative research practice with collaborative wikis as final exams in my teaching. Available here.

“Toxic Theology: A Pastoral Response to Bible Passages Often Used to Justify the Abuse of Children or Prevent Them from Seeking Care,” Currents in Theology and Mission 45.3 (2018): 56-60. Available here.

“Decentered Online Bible Instruction: How Active Learning Enhances the Study of Scripture,” Teaching Theology & Religion 21.1 (Jan 2018): 33-46. Available for reading here.

“Slow Sailing in Acts: Suspense in the Final Sea Journey (Acts 27:1-28:15),” Journal of Biblical Literature 136.4 (2017): 949-68. Available for download here.

A well-researched study of the ending of Acts, asking quite simply “How does it end?” The book asks this question from the viewpoint of ancient readers, in order to approach a clearer sense of how Luke’s hearers would have heard one of the most famous endings in the New Testament. Available here from Mohr Siebeck.

“Lessons for Teaching from the Teacher: Matthew’s Jesus on Teaching and Leading Today,” Currents in Theology and Mission 40.6 (2013): 387-98. .

“Luke as Historian” and “Luke as Female Author,” in The Lexham Bible Dictionary, ed. John D. Barry et al. Bellingham, Washington: Lexham Press, 2015. Downloadable for free from Logos Software here.

For a fuller list of my academic pursuits, see my CV (curriculum vitae) here.