Recommended NT Commentaries

For Further Study

  • Bible Gateway ~ offers free access to a profound number of Bible translations in various languages (including Greek and Hebrew), facilitated by Zondervan.
  • Currents in Theology and Mission ~ a peer-reviewed journal with open access online. Includes articles, reviews, and preaching helps.
  • New Testament Gateway ~ a portal for online NT resources, facilitated by Mark Goodacre (Duke University) and Logos Bible Software.
  • Reading Acts ~ a blog page with various resources and book reviews orchestrated by Phillip J. Long (Grace Christian University)
  • Review of Biblical Literature ~ SBL members have access to many thorough reviews.
  • Reu Memorial Library at Wartburg Seminary ~ offers an increasingly large supply of e-resources to alums and students.

For Teaching Bible Study

  • Bible Odyssey ~ a treasure of freely-available, informed material, from the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). I use the site regularly in my courses.
  • The Bible Project ~ an online resource for high-quality animation video overviews of biblical books and topics, produced by a non-profit established by Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins (grads of Multnomah College)
  • Working Preacher ~ discussion of the assigned Lectionary texts for the week, aimed at busy people in ministry.