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I’m a teacher. …I serve as Associate Professor of New Testament at Wartburg Seminary. I believe learning happens best in the context of community. I love how teaching helps us see God’s truths more clearly. I also enjoy teaching with technology, because it opens new doors for experimenting and collaborating.

I’m a pastor. …Before Wartburg I served over five years in congregational ministry. More importantly, I’m still a pastor (and will always be). I just have a more specialized call right now: the education and spiritual formation of church leaders at Wartburg Seminary.

I’m a writer. …I love thinking about ministry and church community in the New Testament and today. I especially love reading Acts, the Gospels, and Paul’s letters with others. For me, writing is hard work, but it pushes me to speak and interpret faithfully for today.

I’m a child of God and a flawed and forgiven human being. …In my Sabbath time, I enjoy making music (guitar, percussion, & bass), spending time with my wife and kids, cycling, cooking, being outside, and following baseball.

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